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  • Provide member companies with a wide range of informational material published by FREMAP which outlines the processes and activities that generate the greatest hazards and discusses the procedures and work guidelines that should be implemented to avoid them.
  • Inform and raise the awareness of employees about the importance of Occupational Health and Safety by organising discussions and talks in order to analyse the risks inherent in their work and the preventive measures that should be taken.
  • Provide up-to-date information on changes to any regulations that may affect the health and safety activity of FREMAP member companies.


Publication and distribution of publications on health and safety.

A particularly interesting health and safety activity conducted by FREMAP is the publishing of a catalogue on Good Practices in Prevention for dissemination, education and awareness-raising in regard to Hazard Prevention at Work, which includes posters This link will open in a new window, clips This link will open in a new window, DVDs This link will open in a new window, books This link will open in a new window, manuals This link will open in a new window, pamphlets This link will open in a new window and leaflets This link will open in a new window contents which are either general or relative to specific production sectors and specific hazards, which the associated companies can request directly at FREMAP offices.

Discussions with workers and informational talks

Part of the health and safety activity that FREMAP conducts for its member companies includes the organisation of discussions and informational talks with company employees.

This activity, which takes place at the workplace, entails analysing the risks inherent in the job and explaining to the worker what preventive measures should be taken.

This activity is widely appreciated among employees, because of its high degree of effectiveness, primarily due to the following factors:

  • High level of preparation level and experience of FREMAP technicians in conducting these kinds of activities.
  • Exceptionally practical nature of the activity using standard resources and work tools.
  • Immediate and easy-to-monitor results.
  • Activity conducted at the workplace.
  • Carried out in small groups (of four to five employees) with a relaxed working atmosphere and a direct style.

Selection of provisions

FREMAP offers its associated companies a selection of provisions specific to Risk Prevention at Work, as well as other regulations regarding the Environment, Fire Safety, Emergencies, Road Safety, etc., that may affect Health and Safety at work.

This selection includes references from:

  • Community law included in the EU Official Journal.
  • Spanish legislation from the Official State Gazette.
  • Regional legislation published in the various official gazettes of the autonomous communities.

FREMAP also offers the possibility of sending this information every month by e-mail to anyone designated by member companies, upon subscription This link will open in a new window to FREMAP's Prevention Information Service.


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