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Update on Procedure for COVID-19 Prevention Services

On 15 February an update was made to the PROCEDURE FOR COVID PREVENTION SERVICES.

The main new features are as follows:


  • With regard to vaccination: Until new evidence is available, persons who have been vaccinated must maintain the same prevention and protection measures.
  • With regard to the management of temporary disability of particularly vulnerable staff, their situation must be re-assessed before 365 days of sick leave have elapsed.
  • Lastly, healthcare or social service workers who became infected in the course of their work will be eligible to make an occupational accident claim and access occupational illness benefits.

The communication models for the healthcare area of prevention services have also been updated.

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Companies and workers should visit the FREMAP website "Coronavirus. What should you know", which has links to official published information, as well as information videos and posters on the coronavirus. Click to access and/or share it: "".


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