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Law 2/2021 on the management of the health crisis

30 March 2021

Published the Act 2/2021 related to the COVID-19:

  • Act 2/2021, of 29 March, of urgent measures of prevention, containment and coordination to address the health crisis brought about by the COVID19.
  • Directed to establish necessary actions with a view to the overcoming of the phase III of Plan for the Transition towards a New Normality by some provinces, territorial islands and units and, possibly, the expiry of the state of emergency's validity.

    With respect to the prevention the II “Chapter is emphasised in the workplace Prevention measures and hygiene” that includes measures referring to:

    • Compulsory use of masks.
    • Work centres.
    • Centres, services and establishments health.
    • Educational centres.
    • Social services.
    • Commercial establishments.
    • Hotels and tourist accommodation.
    • Hospitality industry and restaurant services activities.
    • Cultural facilities, public events and other recreational activities.
    • Facilities for sport activities and competitions.
    • Other business sectors.

    With respect to the Sanctioning Proceeding – Chapter VII - to emphasise that is fitted out to the Work and Social security Inspectorate to watch and require, and where applicable, to spread law reports of offence, in relation to the fulfillment by the employer of the measures of established public health, when they affect to the hard-working people.

    This habilitation is spread to the set up civil servants by autonomous communities to carry out evidentiary technical functions in accordance with faculties that they have attributed.

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    Companies and workers should visit the FREMAP website "Coronavirus. What should you know", which has links to official published information, as well as information videos and posters on the coronavirus. Click to access and/or share it: "".


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