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Criteria on economic benefit for absences and preventive isolation due to coronavirus

Article five of Royal Decree 6/2020 of 10 Marchto improve the temporary disability assistance to be received during SARS-COV-2 ("coronavirus") quarantine and contagion situations by equating the amount payable to that received for work-related accidents. With respect to application, the guidelines on how to act issued by the Management Entity for these beneficiaries are listed below:

  • As before, the Public Health Service of the relevant Autonomous Community is responsible for:
      • - diagnosis,
        - medical treatment

        - and issuing medical certificates for sick leave, extension of sick leave, or end of sick leave

      Under no circumstances shall such actions be performed by social security mutual insurance companies.

  • Sick leave certificates will be issued for temporary disabilities arising from common illnesses and will be communicated to the worker's company and to the self-employed.
  • Companies and self-employed workers will continue to submit sick leave certificates as they have done until now in the event of common illnesses.
  • In these cases, certificates for work-related accidents should not be issued by the company, employee or self-employed worker.
  • Once a coronavirus diagnosis has been issued, sick leave certificates will be processed by the National Institute of Social Security and social security mutual insurance companies and firms so as to apply the aforementioned financial assistance, wherein, in order to receive such assistance, the only requirement will be for the beneficiary to have been registered on the social security system at the date of the triggering event.
  • If the mutual insurance company is to pay the benefit directly (for example, to self-employed workers or those whose employment relationship has ended), the individuals at issue, their family members or employment advisers, must submit their claim for the benefit using the forms available on the FREMAP website (for payment of a temporary disability benefit arising from an accident at work), which can be submitted to the mutual insurance company by any means, preferably online (for example, via email), as it is advisable to avoid visiting the offices of the mutual insurance company in person for public health reasons.

    Companies and workers should visit the FREMAP website "Coronavirus. What should you know", which has links to official published information, as well as information videos and posters on the coronavirus. Click to access and/or share it:".

    Similarly, if you have any queries, please contact your FREMAP advisor.

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