In its firm commitment to health, FREMAP has created a new space for companies and workers aimed at promoting health improvement, raising awareness and providing criteria and tools for its implementation. Through different online sessions, you will be able to count on the experience and help of our best professionals, thus shaping your own health itinerary.

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Aware of the importance of technical specialisation and of promoting the highest level in each of the specialist areas, we offer you different content and online sessions in which, thanks to our experts, you will be able to find the latest updates and legislative updates, as well as their practical application. Don't miss it!



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The e-learning activities conducted by FREMAP are outreach activities within the framework of the General Social Security Preventive Activities Plan, presented by FREMAP. They are aimed at our partner companies and their staff, as well as associated self-employed workers. Registration is free of charge but spaces are limited to the number stated on each enrolment announcement.

  • 1. It is accessible for an extended period of time.
  • 2. You connect whenever you like.
  • 3. You decide how long you spend on each session.
  • 4. You can review the contents.
  • 5. You can track your own progress on the platform.
  • 6. You receive a certification of participation as soon as you successfully complete the evaluation.

The initiative to develop an awareness-raising plan to promote the reduction of accidents at work is based on the need to complement the training and information received by workers with techniques, tools and activities that promote the integration of prevention in their daily work, as well as their awareness of the need to comply with health and safety regulations at work.

With this type of activity, we want to promote and motivate the adoption of safe and healthy routines in working environments.

Likewise, through these "Awareness Units", FREMAP aims to facilitate the access and participation of the people protected by the mutual insurance company to the good practices that we develop in the Social Security Preventive Activities Plan.

In order to obtain the certificate of participation in the "Awareness Units", no evaluation is required.


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